Monday, July 18, 2011

Album Tour: Rihanna - 3 CD Box Set

This is the first ever box set that I have ever purchased and I am fairly satisfied with it. It features her 3 Albums, Music OF The Sun, A girl Like Me, and Good Girl Gone Bad. 

The Packaging: It's a small box with 3CD's that is fitted for 4. The 4th Cd Slot has a label that says "Space Reserved to Complete Your Collection" I opened it and much to my surprise, it's a huge poster. I didn't know about that AT ALL so I was really happy. The CD's booklets don't have lyrics but they fold out into small posters like other albums. 

Album Tour: Selena Gomez - When The Sun Goes Down (Target Exclusive Version))

Selena Gomez's 3rd Studio album and it's amazing how far she has gone after Kiss & Tell + A Year Without Rain. Selena just only gets better and better.

The Packaging: It's a jewel case, but it is fancies a vintage look to it. The booklet is just so, amazing. I really like how she makes this album vintage-ish and she looks like a pin-up girl in one of the photos where she poses in front of a ship's steering wheel. oh god everyone must buy this amazing work. My favorite song is "Middle Of Nowhere"

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Album Tour: Beyoncé - I Am...Sasha Fierce (2009 Deluxe Edition)

Even though I wanted the Platinum Edition, this one sufficed because I think this is amazing. The music is really beautiful and The album booklet is just elegantly black and white. 

The packaging: It's a jewel case in which there are several promo pics of Beyoncé from her album photoshoot. I really wanted the 2 CD version... But this did well too. THe music is amazing. Everyone should go out and buy this masterpiece. 
My Favorite song from this album is "Smash Into You"

Album Tour: Lady Gaga - The Fame Monster (2CD Limited Edition Digipak)

Here is Lady Gaga's 2nd Album, The Fame Monster. It's fairly old. It's probably one of the first CD's I have ever bought but I really take care of it still. I bought this Cd in the Philippines, way back before we moved here to Vegas. 

The Packaging: It's a digipak, but slightly bulkier than the other ones because this has 2 CDs. The Booklet that comes with it has the booklets for The Fame Monster and The Fame. "The Fame Monster" is written on with Gold foil and it's kind of amazing. I'm aiming to buy the Standard version of The Fame Monster as soon as I can. 

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Album Tour: Lady Gaga - Telephone: The Remixes + Bad Romance: The Remixes

Hunting CD Singles in Stores is like hunting for Horcruxes. UGGHHHH . lol

Nothing much to say about these Cd's but I love the remixes. :D

Album Tour: Miranda Cosgrove - Sparks Fly (Deluxe Version)

Miranda Cosgrove  ------ Sparks Fly: It's just really soulful and it's fun to see her versatility when it comes to acting and music. She's great, but I do advise her to turn down the autotune a little? Just a suggestion. 

The Packaging: It's a neat little digipak that has 2 pockets inside. One for the poster and lyrics and on for the CD. The Cd, however isn't that aesthetic? Just saying. The album is amazing. My favorite track is Brand New You. She looks beautiful in the photoshoot! 

No Jump. 

Album Tour: Emily Osment - All The Right Wrongs E.P.

It's been a while since I posted an album tour and I apologize for that, it's just that I rarely find the time to make the videos now. But I'll post about 5 today or more to make up for what i missed. :)

Emily Osment: Well, I should start out to say that I love her music in this CD but her "Fight Or Flight " CD just lost her soul, I think. I know she likes that pop but in this E.P. she is really soulful, so to speak?... 

Don't get me wrong, I'm still gonna buy "Fight or Flight". 

The Packaging: It's really simple and green. It only has 6 songs, but it's alright. I bought it at Best Buy for about $6.99 ? I don't remember exactly. The cover folds out into a mini-poster, and at the back are the lyrics and credits and Thank Yous. 

See the album tour after the JUMP. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Review: Demi Lovato - Skyscraper - The Video + Song

Demi Lovato just recently released her latest single from her 3rd album.

Demi has been through A LOT during the late 2010's. This song is her "cry for help" as she says. She's a really strong woman and she's going to come back up like a skyscraper. She's been to rehab. To bring it to simple words. Because she has been suffering depression, cutting, eating disorders, and suicidal thoughts because of various reasons and mainly because of bullying.

The Song: Well, It's a "Bring me Down, I'll come back stronger" song. It has that emotional Demi voice and it is evident that Demi poured her heart out into this record. Keeping in good thought of what she went through, this song is really an emotionally amazing song. Her voice in this song is slightly raspy. I have no other words for my amazement for Demi. 


The Video: It's a really thoughtful video. It has Demi in a desert singing the song around a small red heart in a glass box. She holds up hollow frames; thinking they symbolize her public image, and she is showing her moving on from the Disney image and now an independent woman. She walks in glass, symbolizing her self harm issues and how she triumphed over them. Kudos to you, Demi. But it's kind of bland and boring so...


edit: Here's the official video! =)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Review: Beyoncé - Best Thing I Never Had - The Video

Beyonce' just recently released her new video "Best Thing I never Had" and here's the scoop and review. 


So this is a video where Beyonce' is singing while preparing for her wedding. I guess that she starts remembering her old boyfriend that wasn't very good to her. So it shows an old prom footage from the 90's and it shows a young Beyonce dancing with her suckish boyfriend.

Is the video continues, Beyonce continues to dress up and in her wedding, she was all happy and whimsical. At the reception, her lingerie was removed by her husband. It's a common wedding standard which I don't know much about.

She ends the video by walking away in the dress all fabulously donning a similar walk to Lady Gaga's in her video Alejandro. 


She turned up her volume and she's being heard. Kudos to you, Beyonce.