Friday, October 7, 2011

About the album tours....

I am really sorry if some tours won't play or are unavailable. Youtube blocks them worldwide. Do you guys have any suggestions for my alum tours? Please share a comment below or tell me which album tours aren't working so I can fix them immediately! Thanks for the support guys!

Review: Beyoncé - Countdown - The Video

Beyoncé just released her latest music video for such a phenomenal song, Countdown. Beyoncé also recently revealed at the 2011 MTV VMA's that she is pregnant with Jay-Z's baby! You guys don't know how happy I am for her! Guess what this video features.... a huge baby bump!!!

There isn't really a synopsis to this. The video features a full-fledged Beyoncé smiling, being happy, and dancing (even though she's pregnant)! Don't worry, this won't hurt Baby Sasha Fierce. I'm speculating that she filmed some of the choreography beforehand her baby's development. 

It features a lot of mirror effects and color changes. Beyoncé also sports tons of hairdos in this video. She's just being happy and whimsical because she got her wish! "I'm try'na make us THREE, from us TWO, (you're) still the ONE" I see what you did there, Beyoncé. 

Haven't you guys noticed? Her whole album 4 is gravitated towards wanting to have a family with her hubby, Jay-Z. 

No just for this post, just watch the video! You won't regret it!

Overall Rating: 5 Stars!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Album Tour: Vanessa Hudgens - V

Another request taken from a reader!

Vanessa has been in movies lately like Sucker Punch and Beastly. Her music career seems like it's over.

The Packaging: It's a typical debut album with the large booklet (which I like) and tons of promotional photos. The music is phenomenal

See The Album tour After the jump!!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Album Tour: Ashley Tisdale - Headstrong

A reader requested for this to be posted so here it is! 

Ashley has been dormant lately and I don't know about her nowadays. I hope she comes out with new music.

The Packaging: It's really nice and teen-ish. It's all nice and the album cover folds out into a long pamphlet with the lyrics, credits, and thank you's.

See The Album Tour after the jump!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Album Tour: Katy Perry - Teenage Dream - Limited Edition Cotton Candy Scented Version

Another album tour - Katy Perry!

Katy Perry has been running strong in this album era. The one thing I don't like about it? The cheesy collaboration remixes of the songs in this album. It's like a desperate attempt for the #1 spot. 

The packaging: It's a really nice digipak. The cotton candy scent is addictive. I love the simplicity of the cover, and how it has a lot of promo photos inside. The CD looks like a candy or mint. I'm actually worried if the scent would wear off.

See the Album Tour After The Jump!!!!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Album Tour: Beyoncé - I Am...Yours: An Intimate Performance at Wynn Las Vegas

I have another album tour for you guys! 

Beyonce is such a nice and genuine person. I started loving her last summer. She is phenomenal; not to mention that she's friends with Lady Gaga!! 

The Packaging: I bought this CD used at ZIA for only $10.99 and it's in a fair condition with a few scratches and tears. This comes with 2 CD's and one DVD so you won't be disappointed. The only one I don't like about it is its booklet. It's too short.  Nothing much to show in the booklet. 

See the album tour after the jump!!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Album Tour: Demi Lovato - Unbroken

Hey guys!!! I'm back and I'll be posting album tours soon. I took the request I got into consideration and I'll be posting an album tour of V and Headstrong soon!

Demi's back. She is stronger than ever! She just released this CD this week and I really love all the songs.
If you didn't know, Demi underwent rehab because she was having issues with her childhood and bullying. She's now taking a stand against bullying and I am so proud of her.

The Packaging: The packaging is nice. The only thing I didn't like about it is its price. It's too expensive for 15 tracks. The booklet doesn't disappoint. It has tons of promo photos similar to Don't Forget and Here We Go Again. The CD is simple and it has a brownish-maroon color.

Watch the album tour after the jump!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Review: Lady Gaga - Yoü & I - The Video

Lady Gaga just released her latest video for her new single Yoü & I. It features 2 of Lady Gaga's alter egos.

This song is for her "Nebraska Guy" also known as Lüc Carl. 

The single cover shows her male alter ego, Jo Calderone aggressively smoking a cigarette.

Watch the Latest Video Masterpiece along with my review after the jump!

Friday, August 5, 2011

News: Lady Gaga - "Yoü and I" Single Covers Revealed

Lady Gaga took her twitter to reveal the Single Covers for her latest single, Yoü and I. Prior to revealing the single covers, "You&ISingleCover" was trending worldwide on Twitter. Lady Gaga added to the tweet: "You will never find what you are looking for in love, if you don't love yourself. &ISingleCover."

The Single cover features her once-secret alter ego, Jo Calderone with messy hair, smoking a cigarette. 

So monsters. What do you think of the single covers? Which one do you like better? Tell me in the comments section. :)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Album Tour: Rihanna - 3 CD Box Set

This is the first ever box set that I have ever purchased and I am fairly satisfied with it. It features her 3 Albums, Music OF The Sun, A girl Like Me, and Good Girl Gone Bad. 

The Packaging: It's a small box with 3CD's that is fitted for 4. The 4th Cd Slot has a label that says "Space Reserved to Complete Your Collection" I opened it and much to my surprise, it's a huge poster. I didn't know about that AT ALL so I was really happy. The CD's booklets don't have lyrics but they fold out into small posters like other albums. 

Album Tour: Selena Gomez - When The Sun Goes Down (Target Exclusive Version))

Selena Gomez's 3rd Studio album and it's amazing how far she has gone after Kiss & Tell + A Year Without Rain. Selena just only gets better and better.

The Packaging: It's a jewel case, but it is fancies a vintage look to it. The booklet is just so, amazing. I really like how she makes this album vintage-ish and she looks like a pin-up girl in one of the photos where she poses in front of a ship's steering wheel. oh god everyone must buy this amazing work. My favorite song is "Middle Of Nowhere"

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Album Tour: Beyoncé - I Am...Sasha Fierce (2009 Deluxe Edition)

Even though I wanted the Platinum Edition, this one sufficed because I think this is amazing. The music is really beautiful and The album booklet is just elegantly black and white. 

The packaging: It's a jewel case in which there are several promo pics of Beyoncé from her album photoshoot. I really wanted the 2 CD version... But this did well too. THe music is amazing. Everyone should go out and buy this masterpiece. 
My Favorite song from this album is "Smash Into You"

Album Tour: Lady Gaga - The Fame Monster (2CD Limited Edition Digipak)

Here is Lady Gaga's 2nd Album, The Fame Monster. It's fairly old. It's probably one of the first CD's I have ever bought but I really take care of it still. I bought this Cd in the Philippines, way back before we moved here to Vegas. 

The Packaging: It's a digipak, but slightly bulkier than the other ones because this has 2 CDs. The Booklet that comes with it has the booklets for The Fame Monster and The Fame. "The Fame Monster" is written on with Gold foil and it's kind of amazing. I'm aiming to buy the Standard version of The Fame Monster as soon as I can. 

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Album Tour: Lady Gaga - Telephone: The Remixes + Bad Romance: The Remixes

Hunting CD Singles in Stores is like hunting for Horcruxes. UGGHHHH . lol

Nothing much to say about these Cd's but I love the remixes. :D

Album Tour: Miranda Cosgrove - Sparks Fly (Deluxe Version)

Miranda Cosgrove  ------ Sparks Fly: It's just really soulful and it's fun to see her versatility when it comes to acting and music. She's great, but I do advise her to turn down the autotune a little? Just a suggestion. 

The Packaging: It's a neat little digipak that has 2 pockets inside. One for the poster and lyrics and on for the CD. The Cd, however isn't that aesthetic? Just saying. The album is amazing. My favorite track is Brand New You. She looks beautiful in the photoshoot! 

No Jump. 

Album Tour: Emily Osment - All The Right Wrongs E.P.

It's been a while since I posted an album tour and I apologize for that, it's just that I rarely find the time to make the videos now. But I'll post about 5 today or more to make up for what i missed. :)

Emily Osment: Well, I should start out to say that I love her music in this CD but her "Fight Or Flight " CD just lost her soul, I think. I know she likes that pop but in this E.P. she is really soulful, so to speak?... 

Don't get me wrong, I'm still gonna buy "Fight or Flight". 

The Packaging: It's really simple and green. It only has 6 songs, but it's alright. I bought it at Best Buy for about $6.99 ? I don't remember exactly. The cover folds out into a mini-poster, and at the back are the lyrics and credits and Thank Yous. 

See the album tour after the JUMP. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Review: Demi Lovato - Skyscraper - The Video + Song

Demi Lovato just recently released her latest single from her 3rd album.

Demi has been through A LOT during the late 2010's. This song is her "cry for help" as she says. She's a really strong woman and she's going to come back up like a skyscraper. She's been to rehab. To bring it to simple words. Because she has been suffering depression, cutting, eating disorders, and suicidal thoughts because of various reasons and mainly because of bullying.

The Song: Well, It's a "Bring me Down, I'll come back stronger" song. It has that emotional Demi voice and it is evident that Demi poured her heart out into this record. Keeping in good thought of what she went through, this song is really an emotionally amazing song. Her voice in this song is slightly raspy. I have no other words for my amazement for Demi. 


The Video: It's a really thoughtful video. It has Demi in a desert singing the song around a small red heart in a glass box. She holds up hollow frames; thinking they symbolize her public image, and she is showing her moving on from the Disney image and now an independent woman. She walks in glass, symbolizing her self harm issues and how she triumphed over them. Kudos to you, Demi. But it's kind of bland and boring so...


edit: Here's the official video! =)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Review: Beyoncé - Best Thing I Never Had - The Video

Beyonce' just recently released her new video "Best Thing I never Had" and here's the scoop and review. 


So this is a video where Beyonce' is singing while preparing for her wedding. I guess that she starts remembering her old boyfriend that wasn't very good to her. So it shows an old prom footage from the 90's and it shows a young Beyonce dancing with her suckish boyfriend.

Is the video continues, Beyonce continues to dress up and in her wedding, she was all happy and whimsical. At the reception, her lingerie was removed by her husband. It's a common wedding standard which I don't know much about.

She ends the video by walking away in the dress all fabulously donning a similar walk to Lady Gaga's in her video Alejandro. 


She turned up her volume and she's being heard. Kudos to you, Beyonce.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Review: Selena Gomez - Love You Like A Love Song - The Video

Our lovely Selena Gomez just released her latest video for her 2nd single from her 3 Studio Album, When The Sun Goes Down. 

Just a heads up to all Selena Fans out there: Her album is to be released next week, June 28 so be sure to buy it ! A heads up too to my album tour viewers is that I probably won't be able to post the album tour right away because I'm short on Ca$h. sorrrry. It's summer so I don't have any allowance but my Birthday is coming up so I guess i'll ask for something extravagantly expensive. lol. 


In case you didn't know, she's currently dating Justin Bieber, who is a year younger than she is; which is weird for me... BUT I'm happy for Selena. 

The Video + My Review after the jumpp.  hop. pagebreak. whatever you all it. 

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Review: Britney Spears - I Wanna Go - The Video

So Britney just released her latest video for her 3rd Single off her latest studio album, Femme Fatale. 

This video is totally out of the blue. I was just having my first listen at Selena Gomez's new album, When The Sun Goes Down, and then this video popped up on my Youtube Home page. 

I won't put in any GAGA in this post as much as I can. I promise for all those Britney fans out there. 

Britney just started her tour with Nicki Minaj, The Femme Fatale Tour. Apparently she actually sings LIVE now, but her vocals sound suspiciously similar to the original studio vocals. Just saying. 

wellllll. off to the review and the video -->

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Review: Lady Gaga - The Edge of Glory - The Video

Vevo and Lady Gaga just released her new video for her 3 Single from her album, Born This Way.

The edge of glory is a song, dedicated to Grandpa Germanotta, who recently passed away about 7 Months ago. I love how Gaga somehow turns something sad, into a celebration. Instead of mourning for her grandpa's death, she instead made a song to celebrate her grandpa's living years. There is also a soulful saxophone solo from Clarence Clemons. 

I would love to have this song played at my funeral. The video is finally here.

Watch the Video + My Review after the jump! =)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Review: Katy Perry - Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.) - The Video

Katy Perry just unveiled her latest video for her 4 Single off her 2nd Studio album, Teenage Dream. 

But I have to say, Katy still looks beautiful with her nerdy ensemble. Ehem.  In this video, Katy Perry isn't herself. She's Kathy Beth Terry. Her 8th-Grade alter ego. It's kind of unhappy with that because she made a Facebook page for this non existent girl, that posts videos that say "No One Likes Me. :(".. All I can say is.. uh huh. Yeah. Cool Story Bro. 

She's also following the footsteps of Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga in alter egos. Nicki with Roman, Barbie, Martha, and Rrrrrrosa; and Gaga with her very hidden male alter ego, Jo Calderone. 

Enough with alter egos! Review + Video after the jump!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Review: Selena Gomez - Bang Bang Bang - The Song

Selena Gomez just released her new song "Bang Bang Bang" from her upcoming album "When The Sun Goes Down". 

Selena has a totally amazing voice in my opinion. This is a more of a techie song than her previous 2 albums. 

REVIEW: This song is obviously directed at Nick Jonas and Selena is bragging about her new boy, Justin Bieber. She hints that her new boy has SWAGGER. Who always says SWAG? Justin Bieber. So, Yes. Beliebers don't hate. Unfortunately this song still has to grow on me this week. I like it, but I think it sounds similar to La Roux's Bulletproof song. Just Saying. It's still amazing!


Listen to the song courtesy of VEVO: 

Monday, June 6, 2011

Review: iWave - XBASS

OKAY. First off, I am pissed. Pissed as pissed can be. The store I buy headphones from had a price increase from $9.99 to $16.99 So I didn't get to buy the Skullcandy Headphones I wanted. THEN, My dad and brother suggested these iWave XBASS Headphones because it boasts it has this so called "Crystal Clear" sound and Bass.

As I got home I was actually excited to try these headphones out. Turns out, those were all CHEAP LIES. Because first of all, All you hear is the thump. "BBP.BBP.BBP". The quality is just Downright shitty. I hate it. 

If ever the vocals are loud enough, they come out really muffled. It's a piece of shit compared to all of my other previously reviewed headphones. The headphones look stylish enough but 

Well that's what to expect with $5.99 Headphones. SHIT. 

I rest my case.

So I DO NOT. I Repeat, DO NOT, recommend these to people with headphone standards because this is just so shitty.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Just a Quick Update...

Recently, I bought 3 new CD's.. 
Ashley Tisdale's Headstrong, 
Vanessa Hudgens' V, and Miranda Cosgrove's Sparks Fly.

Well, I don't know if I should make album tours of them because they're old but I'll try to make some.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Review: Rihanna - Man Down - The Video + Song

Vevo just released the video for Rihanna's latest single off her album, Loud. The title of the single is "Man Down".

Rihanna is a great artist. She has that distinct Bajan accent that just separates her from all the other pop superstars nowadays. Her voice has that coarse texture to it that really acts well with her voice.

I have bought her albums Loud and Rated R. and I have album tours for them which could be found at the "Rihanna" Tag at the left side of this page. 

This was shot in Jamaica, I think.

Watch the Video + My Review after the Jump!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Album Tour: Lady GaGa - Born This Way (Expanded Version)

It's here!!!

After a long 5 Month wait, It's here!

This album is Fucking amazing + It is getting 800K+ Sales now and is projected to reach 900K on it's first week. Even  a Million.

The Packaging: The album cover of this is honestly more aesthetic. It's also typically black and white, but it has 2 CD's and 8 More tracks. It has 2 or 1 more Promo Pics from the December Nick Knight photoshoot.

See the album tour after the Jump!

Album Tour: Lady GaGa - Born This Way (Standard Version)

Sorry For the super Lateness of this album tour, I was just so busy with school and it's finals week at my school....

But.. Here it is! Born This Way Standard Version! 

So, This album is the Album of the Decade, as dubbed my RedOne. And I Totally Agree!!!

This is Lady Gaga's 3rd Major Release after a Year's wait after The Fame Monster. This has already been harnessing 800K sales and is projected to hit  900K on it's first week... Or even a Million. 

The Packaging:  It's simplistically Black. The Album cover is Avant Garde mixed with a little craziness. Which you can always rely on Gaga to deliver. Since the cover's release, It has totally grown on me. This, on the other hand has 8 Less tracks than the Expanded Version. It has about 7 stunningly amazing promo photos from the photo shoot that Nick Knight shot last December. For my Favorite tracks on this album, well.... there isn't a favorite track, I value all of 'em equally! They're all amazing!!!

Watch the album tour after the jump!!! =)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I'm Back!

So there was this 2-Day Down Time on my Dashboard and I don't know why because I get constant endless loops of being redirected to the login page without any indication why. But, Guess what... I'm back ! I'll be posting album tours of BORN THIS WAY Standard and Expanded editions soon. YES, Standard and expanded. I bought both versions! =) It came out in the U.S. this week so If you haven't bought Born This Way yet, Well you better! because It's the album of the century and it is ah-may-zinggg!!!

alright, peace out for now.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Review: Beyoncé - Run The World (Girls) - The Video

It's here. At Least this Video did the song some Justice.

This video has no specific synopsis but Beyoncé Dancing. I like the choreography but WHY THE HALL WAS Beyoncé WHITE-ISH?! I mean, you sould see the difference from single ladies to this!!! 

Overall Rating: 3 Stars

See For Yourself:

Review: Lady Gaga - Born This Way (Expanded Edition) - Track-By-Track Review



3 Words Gaga Said about Born This Way. I kept that in mind as I listened to this masterpiece. 

Well, She Kept her word. After Long, Long, Long months of waiting that seemed to take forever, the Music is officially here. Actually, It was "Leaked". I'm sure you know that term. Yes. Leaked. Apparently, the Album was sold in advance in the UK, specifically at HMV. 

First of all, I'm set to buy this album. Leak or not. I'm here to help Mother Monster's sales on her CD to beat a certain adversary in an obvious alias as B.S. and her album, F.F. even though I Bought that CD too. Apparently, there has been a constant Fan-War with B.S. Fans and the Notorious Little Monsters. I'm on the little monsters' side from the beginning to end. I'm not hating. I'm a little monster.

OKAY. Well, this album is set to officially drop on May.23.11. So Expect TWO! Album tours of this amazing masterpiece because I'm buying both versions. =)

ON WITH THE ALBUM REVIEW! + there's a small twist, as a tribute to Mother Monster.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Review: Lady Gaga - Hair - The Song

ONE WEEK UNTIL BORN THIS WAY DROPS!!! I feel as if it's just a month after the VMA's. lol.

Who else is counting down? I can't wait!!! Remember when we received the announcement last New Years Eve that Born This Way Will be Released on 5.23.11. ?   It's almost FUCKING HERE!!!!

This week will be fully jam-packed with Gaga Promotion, not to mention the Fuse Goes Gaga, and... Farmville! Yes. The Songs will be streamed via Farmville to countdown to the album.  

I, personally am buying both versions of the Album (Standard and Expanded). Make sure you don't pirate/illegally download this album to help the Sales of the Album. I want this to Debut at Billboard's Hot 100 Chart at #1. 

Listen to the Song + My Review After The Jump.

Friday, May 13, 2011

I'm On The Edge with YOU!!!

Well, Nothing, really. I just have to say that THE EDGE OF GLORY is still on constant repeat on my iPod. Buy it on iTunes to support Mommy Monster! =)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Review: Rihanna - California King Bed - The Video

Yes, RiRi has a new video after her provocatively controversial video, S&M.

This is a more ballad-ish song from Rihanna, and I think it's a totally new Territory for Her because most of her singles are thumpy-pop tracks which are great, but this, this is just soulfully beautiful!

Yes, I love it to the bottom of my little heart.

If you haven't seen my album tours of Rihanna's Loud and Rated R, be sure to check them out! =)

Just a prep-up with the video. This is another ONLY GIRL (IN THE WORLD) - ish type of video because she's alone again. But, she's with a man. 

Watch the Video and see my Review after the jump! =)

Monday, May 9, 2011

Review: Lady Gaga - The Edge Of Glory - The Song

The Edge of Glory: A Love Letter to Death and Grandpa Gaga R.I.P.

It's finally here! The countdown for Born This Way has Officially Started!!!!

This is a follow up single to her previous song, Judas. It was produced by Fernando Garibay and DJ White Shadow. This was written by Gaga along with her dad, at their piano after her Grandpa's funeral.

Hear the song and See my review after the Jump!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

News: Lady Gaga - New Song to Premiere Tomorrow

Yes, Edge of Glory is coming tomorrow to start the countdown to the Born This Way album on May 23!

The song is for her Grandfather, who sadly passed away months ago. =( She wrote this song with her dad on their piano after the funeral.

It will premiere tomorrow (May 9) at 1PM PDT! 

Put your paws up because Born This Way is almost in our paws! Only Less than 3 Weeks Left!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Review: Taylor Swift - Mean - The Video

Yes, It's my 1st Ever Taylor Swift post here on UnboxTheProduct. 1 Thing I have to say beforehand. 
Yes, I do. I absolutely positively do. But, she's like the top 2. Top 1 is Gaga, In case you didn't know. 

Yes, The Video for "MEAN" has finally dropped and I.Loved.It. Taylor took on the role to be the anti-bully herself!!! After Katy, then Gaga, Then Selena, then Jessie J, and now, Taylor Swift!!!!  This is one of the most empowering videos I have ever watched. It surpassed my amazement from Selena's "Who Says" which talks about natural beauty, but this is Just Taking bullies D-O-W-N!! The Lyrics are so damn true!

Watch the Amazing Video and my Review after the Jump! =)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Review: Nicki Minaj - Super Bass - The Video

After Being delayed, It's finally here!!! SUPER BASS by Nicki Minajesty herself!

Bad timing though, the Queen, Gaga, Just released her Judas video. Tough Luck, I still love this though!

Well, No jump for this post because the video doesn't have much of a storyline because It's all performance and... dance! <3


This video is H-O-T! She is not like other rappers but she actually puts thought on her video. Not like her infamous adversary, Lil' Kim. 

Review: Lady Gaga - Judas - The Video

Judas! Juda-Ah-Ah! Judas! Juda-ah-ah! Judas! Juda-ah-ah! Judas! GaGa!

Oh Yes, You read it right, the Judas video has finally dropped and It-Is-Fucking-Amazing. 'Nuff Said. 

I was counting down to this since last week and I couldn't believe it's here!!! Apparently, this was also released hours early because of leaks spreading, Like the song. So I was at school when this premiered, basically I was an hour late to the premiere, sucks, right? 

Judas Is here. Judas. I'm so excited to share my review+interpretation to this!!! I will try to avoid play-by-play synopses of my music video reviews from now on, I promise. 

Watch The FUCKING AMAZING Short Film after the jump!!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

News: Lady Gaga - Judas Music Video Premiere Date

It's almost here!!! 

Lady Gaga’s highly-anticipated music video for “Judas” will premiere uncut on E! News this Thursday, May 5th at 7 and 11:30 p.m. The short film was directed by Lady Gaga herself in collaboration with friend and choreographer Laurieann Gibson and features Gaga playing Mary Magdalene and actor Norman Reedus in the role of Judas.


Here's a Still: 
Click To Enlarge

News: Lady Gaga - Born This Way Track listings Revealed

Yes, Yes, Yes!!! The Track listings for Lady Gaga's Much anticipated sophomore album, Born This Way has been revealed! Rejoice, Little Monsters!!!

Sorry for the hiatus-ish no posts thing. I'm sorry, so I'll post a track by track review later on of Lenka's album, TWO. 

The Highly anticipated album is set to drop on May 23, 2011. I, personally am going to buy both editions. PAWS UP! I cannot wait!!!!

Don't wait! See the track listings after the jump!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Review: Britney, Ke$ha, & Nicki - Till The World Ends (Femme Fatale Remix)

It's BritKe$hIcki Bitch! lol!  

Britney, Ke$ha, and Nicki have teamed up for this remix and what I have to say?  -  AHMAZING!

But not that amazing. 

See, I love the song as it is, but...DAMN! Nicki just slain her rap verse! I love it! I already made a review for this song in the past, and my opinion didn't change! I still love the song!
 (Although Britney Can't sing live anymore *sobs*) 


Review: Beyoncé - Run The World (Girls)

Honey B is back! It's great to see her taking on a new era since the I Am...Sasha Fierce era. The song is called Run The World (Girls) and I don't hear the music that the Beyoncé I know has making before this. I feel that I'm just adjusting or I think it's not good.

What I think:  
Well, Honestly, It doesn't appeal to me. I love the attempt to take on empowering songs, but this is just sexist, and what I think, not equal. Maybe it's just me or this is not the typical Beyoncé music that I know. It's like ... Ehhh. It doesn't have enough lyrics for God's sake! Well, what saves this song for me is the fast part that Honey B raps in the middle part. I expected a Single Ladies 2.0 - ish type of song, or something similar to that. So for me, this is a So-So song. Don't get me wrong, Beyoncé fans, but I'm honestly not into this song. I'm a fan myself and I was like "What The Hell?" Halfway through the song because mostly all the things she says is  "Who Run The World?! Who Run This Motha---, Girls!" 


Listen for yourself and tell me what you think in the comments section below:

Okay, I'm out!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Album Tour: Adele - 21

Adele! Oh Adele! I'm just in love with her music. It is totally amazing! 

I heard of Adele from Perez Hilton. A fellow blogger which dubs her Goddess Adele. I agree! Her voice is amazing! I fell in love with her the first time I listened to Rolling in The Deep.

My favorite song in this album is One and Only. I actually had a dream about this song. Weird, right?... I just love it because of the Chorus. My friend said that the song sounds desperate but It's obviously not!

The Packaging: The album is grayscale. It has nothing much to show. The important part is the music. The Cd art, on the other hand, stands out because it is colored bright lime green! The booklet features the process of making the album and Adele recording it.

I think i'll make a track-by-track review of this.

See the album tour after the jump!

Album Tour: Lenka - Two

Another Lenka CD!  I just love her! This album is much much much more pop than her debut album, which is mostly a lullaby. Lenka has totally shown her growth in music,

Lenka is absolutely lovely! I love her music. My favorite song in this album is You Will Be Mine. I absolutely love the tone and lyrics on it. I don't actually have a least favorite song in this album because I love all the songs.

The Packaging: I think the theme of this album is Jagged shapes. The font is. Lenka is shown in the album cover with flying hair, and she is holding a flower. It's definitely not like a fantasy which is depicted in her debut album. There is no booklet, Again. Instead, the lyrics is in a form of a long fold-out paper that don't really appeal to me. 

I think I'll follow this up with a Track by Track review to this even though it is so late. 

See the album tour after the jump!

Album Tour: Rihanna - Loud (Deluxe Edition Digipak)

Another Album tour: Rihanna's Loud Deluxe Edition Digipak CD+DVD!

I really did get busy. There are 2 More to come.

I'm a big Rihanna fan since her Good Girl Gone Bad era.  My favorite song in this Album is Fading. Yes, It's not the typical Rihanna song, but I love it still! I'm in love with the lyrics. and Skin is my least favorite because, well, it's boring. 

The Packaging: This has a lot to offer. You open it up to find beautiful shots of Rihanna with roses. There are 3 divisions to the Digipak. One is for the Cd, the Center is for the Booklet, and the 3rd is for the DVD. The overall tone of the album is of a bluish-pink which I find hard to get in photoshop. The DVD is roughly 27 Minutes long, and the booklet is just jam packed with promo pics, but unfortunately, no lyrics. I generally get confused with the coloring because the blacks are blues. lol.

See the album tour after the jump!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Album Tour: Lady GaGa - The Fame (Standard Edition)

Lady Gaga Galore!  This is another album tour of the one and only amazing artist, Lady GaGa. She's so talented and amazing and I just can't express my love for her music and love for her. I really don't care about the people hating on her but they have to stop. Seriously?.

I really got busy this spring break and I bought 7 CD's. 

The Packaging: The theme of this album? Crystals! The album cover is the standard facial shot of Gaga and there's a little sheet of paper inside that shows the numbers you could dial to get Gaga ringtones. The album cover is Just Amazing. The CD art is simplistic but I love it, and the art behind the CD is Crystals! Factoid: Those crystals are made of frozen acrylic and then crushed into teeny-tiny-pieces. 

Let's start with the album tour after the jump! =)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Album Tour: Lady GaGa - The Remix

Another Album Tour! =)

I've been pretty busy this spring break buying CD's.  So expect about.. 4 More coming your way this weekend.

As you know from my previous post, my album tours will now be posted as YouTube Videos. I had an issue with FlickR and it's Limitess Capacity-ness. 

The Packaging: It's a really simplistic album that has Lady GaGa showing a neutral face in the cover. It's theme is Brown. Brown because mostly everything is colored brown in this album. It's still elegant. There's nothing much to show in this album. This doesn't have a booklet but instead a tracklist. The CD, on the other hand, is Pink! It's so unexpected! So yes, this is The Remix.

See the Album tour after the Jump!

Album Tour: Lady GaGa - The Cherrytree Sessions + Just Dance The Remixes

Yes, I'm back with the album tours! I had an issue with my FlickR account because It's getting full and this is what I came up with: VIDEOS! So that the Youtubers can also see my album tours. Smart, right?

So, this album tour features 2 CD's actually because they don't have anything much to show.

The Packaging: Just Dance The remixes: It has nothing much to show, really. It only features the album cover and the back. No other prints inside. The CD is just something to die for. I love the art on it! It's so Optical Illusion-ey. 
The Cherrytree Sessions: It has printing on the back of the cover, but it's just like a copy of the back part of the cd. The CD art is simplistic but beautiful. 

Let's start with the album tour after the jump!