Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Review: Britney, Ke$ha, & Nicki - Till The World Ends (Femme Fatale Remix)

It's BritKe$hIcki Bitch! lol!  

Britney, Ke$ha, and Nicki have teamed up for this remix and what I have to say?  -  AHMAZING!

But not that amazing. 

See, I love the song as it is, but...DAMN! Nicki just slain her rap verse! I love it! I already made a review for this song in the past, and my opinion didn't change! I still love the song!
 (Although Britney Can't sing live anymore *sobs*) 


Review: Beyoncé - Run The World (Girls)

Honey B is back! It's great to see her taking on a new era since the I Am...Sasha Fierce era. The song is called Run The World (Girls) and I don't hear the music that the Beyoncé I know has making before this. I feel that I'm just adjusting or I think it's not good.

What I think:  
Well, Honestly, It doesn't appeal to me. I love the attempt to take on empowering songs, but this is just sexist, and what I think, not equal. Maybe it's just me or this is not the typical Beyoncé music that I know. It's like ... Ehhh. It doesn't have enough lyrics for God's sake! Well, what saves this song for me is the fast part that Honey B raps in the middle part. I expected a Single Ladies 2.0 - ish type of song, or something similar to that. So for me, this is a So-So song. Don't get me wrong, Beyoncé fans, but I'm honestly not into this song. I'm a fan myself and I was like "What The Hell?" Halfway through the song because mostly all the things she says is  "Who Run The World?! Who Run This Motha---, Girls!" 


Listen for yourself and tell me what you think in the comments section below:

Okay, I'm out!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Album Tour: Adele - 21

Adele! Oh Adele! I'm just in love with her music. It is totally amazing! 

I heard of Adele from Perez Hilton. A fellow blogger which dubs her Goddess Adele. I agree! Her voice is amazing! I fell in love with her the first time I listened to Rolling in The Deep.

My favorite song in this album is One and Only. I actually had a dream about this song. Weird, right?... I just love it because of the Chorus. My friend said that the song sounds desperate but It's obviously not!

The Packaging: The album is grayscale. It has nothing much to show. The important part is the music. The Cd art, on the other hand, stands out because it is colored bright lime green! The booklet features the process of making the album and Adele recording it.

I think i'll make a track-by-track review of this.

See the album tour after the jump!

Album Tour: Lenka - Two

Another Lenka CD!  I just love her! This album is much much much more pop than her debut album, which is mostly a lullaby. Lenka has totally shown her growth in music,

Lenka is absolutely lovely! I love her music. My favorite song in this album is You Will Be Mine. I absolutely love the tone and lyrics on it. I don't actually have a least favorite song in this album because I love all the songs.

The Packaging: I think the theme of this album is Jagged shapes. The font is. Lenka is shown in the album cover with flying hair, and she is holding a flower. It's definitely not like a fantasy which is depicted in her debut album. There is no booklet, Again. Instead, the lyrics is in a form of a long fold-out paper that don't really appeal to me. 

I think I'll follow this up with a Track by Track review to this even though it is so late. 

See the album tour after the jump!

Album Tour: Rihanna - Loud (Deluxe Edition Digipak)

Another Album tour: Rihanna's Loud Deluxe Edition Digipak CD+DVD!

I really did get busy. There are 2 More to come.

I'm a big Rihanna fan since her Good Girl Gone Bad era.  My favorite song in this Album is Fading. Yes, It's not the typical Rihanna song, but I love it still! I'm in love with the lyrics. and Skin is my least favorite because, well, it's boring. 

The Packaging: This has a lot to offer. You open it up to find beautiful shots of Rihanna with roses. There are 3 divisions to the Digipak. One is for the Cd, the Center is for the Booklet, and the 3rd is for the DVD. The overall tone of the album is of a bluish-pink which I find hard to get in photoshop. The DVD is roughly 27 Minutes long, and the booklet is just jam packed with promo pics, but unfortunately, no lyrics. I generally get confused with the coloring because the blacks are blues. lol.

See the album tour after the jump!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Album Tour: Lady GaGa - The Fame (Standard Edition)

Lady Gaga Galore!  This is another album tour of the one and only amazing artist, Lady GaGa. She's so talented and amazing and I just can't express my love for her music and love for her. I really don't care about the people hating on her but they have to stop. Seriously?.

I really got busy this spring break and I bought 7 CD's. 

The Packaging: The theme of this album? Crystals! The album cover is the standard facial shot of Gaga and there's a little sheet of paper inside that shows the numbers you could dial to get Gaga ringtones. The album cover is Just Amazing. The CD art is simplistic but I love it, and the art behind the CD is Crystals! Factoid: Those crystals are made of frozen acrylic and then crushed into teeny-tiny-pieces. 

Let's start with the album tour after the jump! =)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Album Tour: Lady GaGa - The Remix

Another Album Tour! =)

I've been pretty busy this spring break buying CD's.  So expect about.. 4 More coming your way this weekend.

As you know from my previous post, my album tours will now be posted as YouTube Videos. I had an issue with FlickR and it's Limitess Capacity-ness. 

The Packaging: It's a really simplistic album that has Lady GaGa showing a neutral face in the cover. It's theme is Brown. Brown because mostly everything is colored brown in this album. It's still elegant. There's nothing much to show in this album. This doesn't have a booklet but instead a tracklist. The CD, on the other hand, is Pink! It's so unexpected! So yes, this is The Remix.

See the Album tour after the Jump!

Album Tour: Lady GaGa - The Cherrytree Sessions + Just Dance The Remixes

Yes, I'm back with the album tours! I had an issue with my FlickR account because It's getting full and this is what I came up with: VIDEOS! So that the Youtubers can also see my album tours. Smart, right?

So, this album tour features 2 CD's actually because they don't have anything much to show.

The Packaging: Just Dance The remixes: It has nothing much to show, really. It only features the album cover and the back. No other prints inside. The CD is just something to die for. I love the art on it! It's so Optical Illusion-ey. 
The Cherrytree Sessions: It has printing on the back of the cover, but it's just like a copy of the back part of the cd. The CD art is simplistic but beautiful. 

Let's start with the album tour after the jump! 

Friday, April 22, 2011

News: Sorry For The Slow Updates...

I can't update much because my FlickR account is full for the month. I have album tours to post.

The CD's are : Just Dance - Single
The Fame - Standard Edition
The Cherrytree sessions
Loud - Deluxe Ed. Digipak
Lenka - Two

I'm really sorry for the slow updates. If you know any more free photo storage websites that can be embedded as slideshows, you can always share. I would really appreciate it. You can suggest some at the comments section and I would look into them.

I'll try to look for more photo sharing websites myself (or create another FlickR account) so I can post all the album tours as soon as possible. Don't forget to suggest at the comments section. 

Friday, April 15, 2011

News: Lady Gaga - Born This Way - Official Album Cover

So, Yes. This is the album cover. One word? EPIC.  You may not feel like it fits the album, but I feel like It's gonna be about freedom, and escaping into it. It's EFFING AMAZING, For God's sake. 

The album cover shows Lady Gaga as a motorcycle, with her boobs still intact (lol). This is a follow up to the sudden release of Lady Gaga's Judas.

There's a joke circulating around the web: "My Mom told me I could be whoever I want to be, So I decided to be a Motorcycle. "  lol!

I Still love it. Don't hate. If you only have mean comments then don't bother to comment at all. 

What do you think? Thoughts?

EDIT: I'm still hoping for another album cover. News has been spreading in numerous forums that Gaga is just betraying us , like JUDAS.  I believe that three betrayals have been done.

1. JUDAS Release Date
2. JUDAS Leaks
3. Album Cover (?)  

I still love the cover, don't get me wrong but I somehow want it to change.

Review: Lady GaGa - Judas - The Song

YES!!!! HELL YES!!!! Lady Gaga released her new single "Judas" 4 Days early because leaks have spread all over the web. A pretty professional and amazing way to counteract these leaks is to release it early.
I love you Lady Gaga!

In my interpretation, It is a lyrical narration of the bible through Mary Magdalene's eyes.
Lady Gaga portrays Mary Magdalene if you don't know yet. It's very biblical, I must say. 

Yes, Mommy Monster! Just piss of the people! I'm with you! They'll open the gates for us.

I heard the leaked snippets before I went to school and when I got home, I opened my Facebook, and there is Gagadaily's event. Saying that "JUDAS IS ON iTUNES NOW!" I literally freaked out and went to Youtube and there is Lady Gaga's VeVo with an update: The audio of Judas.

See the whole review+ Listen to the song + My interpretation after the jump!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Review: Jessie J - Nobody's Perfect - Music Video

Oh Yes. The Release week of Jessie J's Debut Album and she doesn't fail to amaze! She's rising and slowly becoming a humongous star and I already love her to her little bits! 

In case you don't know who Jessie J is, She's a breakthrough artist having amazing songs like Price Tag and Do It Like A Dude. She's totally amazing and spunky. She also co-penned the smash Miley Cyrus hit, Party In The U.S.A. 

Yes, she Is a lyrical genius and she may look fierce and mean, but she isn't. She's actually sweet and preeeettttyyyy.  =)

See The Video + Review after the jump!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Album Tour: Jessie J - Who You Are

Hey there! :) Today is the release day of Jessie J's New album, WHO YOU ARE and It is absolutely amazing. 

I have been a fan of Jessie since the Do It Like a Dude era. She is absolutely amazing and Vocally enabled. She's beautiful too. Sporting the bangs reminiscent of Lily Allen and a voice similar to no other artist out there. 

She also writes her own songs. She is a lyrical genius, penning the hit "Party in the USA" as popularized by Miley Cyrus.

The packaging: It's a pretty simplistic album, actually, sporting the common lyric booklet. I can sense that the theme is white because that's what mostly everything is colored. The CD artwork has "Jessie J Who You Are" printed on it with a heart and there are promo pics on every page.

See the album tour after the jump!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Review: Jessie J - Who You Are - Track-By-Track Review

"STOMP, STOMP, I've arrived! Drop the beat, Nasty Face, Why You Looking at me?!"

Hell yeah! At last, Jessie J's debut album, Who You Are, has finally dropped in stores in the U.S.!
She's like the next Pixie Lott + Lily Allen but with more spunk and musical style. She writes her own songs. That's right.

It's really not about the money for Jessie J when I comes to this album. I bought this at Best Buy for 7.99 when it's really 9.99. I love you! lol! This is actually a great grab for all you music lovers. she's got at least something from everybody. The saleslady at Best Buy even asked me "Is this CD good? Like, Have you heard it?" so I said "Hell Yeah It's Jessie J. Who hasn't? I like to collect CD's." then she said "Oh, I should listen to this. I like collecting too." I say Amen, Ms. Cashier! 

Okay, Let's get started with the Review after the  jump!  =)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Album Tour: Rihanna - Rated R

Another album tour!!!

Rihanna's Rated R. 

I really like Rihanna. I knew about her when her single Umbrella was released and went really popular. Then when this album was released, I fell in love with her music, BIGTIME.

I plan to buy her latest album Loud when I get the chance, so watch out for that soon. =)

The packaging: This CD comes in a crystal case packaging, and a booklet packed with promotional photos for this album. Sadly, there are no lyrics in this booklet. It's theme is BLACK. As In ALL BLACK. About 90% of this CD is black. I really like her transition from a Good Girl Gone Bad, to a Rated R artist. 

See the album tour after the jump!

Album Tour: Demi Lovato - Here We Go Again

Another Album tour is here! I just bought Demi Lovato's Here We Go Again sophomore album at Target.

I have always been a big fan of Demi since her debut on Camp Rock, and I'm still a fan . As you all know, Demi has taken a hiatus to go to rehab because of her emotional problems on bullying, and she's back!!!
I hope she'll make a new album soon. =)

The packaging: The album comes in a Crystal case and the booklet is just heavenly! 24 pages! She sure knows what I enjoy! lol. The booklet contains all the lyrics to the songs, and TONS of promo pics. The CD artwork for me is kinda bland. Just a heart? So yeah. Overall this album is totally something to cherish. 

See the album tour after the jump!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Made By Me: Epic Stick Fight

Yes! I have finally finished this animation I started a year ago, and left unfinished. I made a way better animation before this but unfortunately, I over-wrote another animation on it. :(

BUT, that didn't stop me. I made a new and better one.

It is inspired by the Avatar TV Show & a hint of Naruto. It's very epic and not that graphic. 

I used the E.T. Instrumental Audio for this because it fits it the best. 

Tell Me What You think!!! Comments are always appreciated good or bad. =)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

News: Transmission Gagavision is Back!

Lady Gaga's Transmission Gagavision is back after more than a year of it's Hiatus. All I can say is.... Finally!
I miss these. I really did. There are 40 more episodes of Gagavision before this, so be sure to check them out at 

Basically , this video is like the older ones, but it has another Intro.

The video spills details on the release date of Judas, and an exclusive footage of the Dance Rehearsal for it!!!
It also shows Lady Gaga, hysterically screaming, because she just found out that she has an interview for Google which you can watch HERE.

Watch the Transmission and See when Judas will be released after the Jump!!!!

Review: Britney Spears - Till The World Ends Music Video

She's back with a new video for Her 2nd Femme Fatale Single, Till The World Ends. 

Britney made new records because of her Album Femma Fatale at billboard. 

* The Youngest Artist in History to Have a #1 Album and #1 Single in Three Decades
* The Only Female Artist in History to Debut at #1 in the Billboard 200 in Three Decades
* The Youngest Female Artist in History to Have Six #1 Albums
* The Third Female Artist with Most #1 Albums:
1. Barbra Streisand (9 #1 Albums)
2. Madonna (7 #1 Albums)
3. Britney Spears, Mariah Carey and Janet Jackson (6 #1 Albums)
* The Only Female Artist Whose First Seven Albums Have Debuted in the Top Two Slots on the Chart
* The Only Female Artist in History to Have Six Albums Debut at #1
* The Female Artist with Most #1 Albums This Millennium

I'm a big fan of Britney since birth and I really like this video.

Watch The Video + See The Review after The Jump!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Album tour: Lenka - Self Titled Album

I just got home from Best Buy and this is what I bought.
Honestly, I'm getting addicted to CD's. I just love the feeling of a CD in your hand and not just an iPod of downloaded songs. You get me? 

I feel like Best Buy and I will be reeeaaallly Good friends. haha.

So.... I'm buying Lenka's sophomore album, Two, on April 18th. So I prepare for It. I bought Lenka's Self Titled Album. 

The Packaging: The album cover has Lenka, kneeling on the ground and looking mischievous. But she's just the innocent little girl who sings of light love. No hardcore Sex things for her. You open the Crystal Case to find that there is no booklet. Only a Fold-Out Poster with the lyrics printed on the back. My overview of this album is that it is simply heavenly. It's love songs and songs about life. I guess there's a little something for everybody in this album. My favorite song in this album is Trouble Is A Friend. I knew this song before it was even a single. I just adore it.

Well then, Off with my yapping and on to the album tour after the jump! :)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Review: SkullCandy Riot Headphones

I Just got home from TJ MAXX and I bought this pair of headphones because, apparently my Ink'd Headphones broke after a month of constant usage (Which is really good). This pair of headphones cost $9.99 there and it's a really good snag.

I prepared a Review + Unboxing Slideshow for this. As usual. 

Overview: The packaging comes similar to the Ink'd Headphones, considering the fact that this is the later model. Inside the packaging is a disclaimer + stencil of the Skullcandy logo. I just usually throw it away so no big deal to me. It also comes with 3 pairs of Silicone tips embossed with the Skullcandy Logo (Which I really Like) so that you can choose which fits your ears correctly if you have weird ears. The color I bought is the White/Silver one because I feel that it's visually aesthetic and head-turning.

Read the Review + See the unboxing slideshow after the Jump! :)