Thursday, May 26, 2011

Album Tour: Lady GaGa - Born This Way (Expanded Version)

It's here!!!

After a long 5 Month wait, It's here!

This album is Fucking amazing + It is getting 800K+ Sales now and is projected to reach 900K on it's first week. Even  a Million.

The Packaging: The album cover of this is honestly more aesthetic. It's also typically black and white, but it has 2 CD's and 8 More tracks. It has 2 or 1 more Promo Pics from the December Nick Knight photoshoot.

See the album tour after the Jump!

Album Tour: Lady GaGa - Born This Way (Standard Version)

Sorry For the super Lateness of this album tour, I was just so busy with school and it's finals week at my school....

But.. Here it is! Born This Way Standard Version! 

So, This album is the Album of the Decade, as dubbed my RedOne. And I Totally Agree!!!

This is Lady Gaga's 3rd Major Release after a Year's wait after The Fame Monster. This has already been harnessing 800K sales and is projected to hit  900K on it's first week... Or even a Million. 

The Packaging:  It's simplistically Black. The Album cover is Avant Garde mixed with a little craziness. Which you can always rely on Gaga to deliver. Since the cover's release, It has totally grown on me. This, on the other hand has 8 Less tracks than the Expanded Version. It has about 7 stunningly amazing promo photos from the photo shoot that Nick Knight shot last December. For my Favorite tracks on this album, well.... there isn't a favorite track, I value all of 'em equally! They're all amazing!!!

Watch the album tour after the jump!!! =)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I'm Back!

So there was this 2-Day Down Time on my Dashboard and I don't know why because I get constant endless loops of being redirected to the login page without any indication why. But, Guess what... I'm back ! I'll be posting album tours of BORN THIS WAY Standard and Expanded editions soon. YES, Standard and expanded. I bought both versions! =) It came out in the U.S. this week so If you haven't bought Born This Way yet, Well you better! because It's the album of the century and it is ah-may-zinggg!!!

alright, peace out for now.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Review: Beyoncé - Run The World (Girls) - The Video

It's here. At Least this Video did the song some Justice.

This video has no specific synopsis but Beyoncé Dancing. I like the choreography but WHY THE HALL WAS Beyoncé WHITE-ISH?! I mean, you sould see the difference from single ladies to this!!! 

Overall Rating: 3 Stars

See For Yourself:

Review: Lady Gaga - Born This Way (Expanded Edition) - Track-By-Track Review



3 Words Gaga Said about Born This Way. I kept that in mind as I listened to this masterpiece. 

Well, She Kept her word. After Long, Long, Long months of waiting that seemed to take forever, the Music is officially here. Actually, It was "Leaked". I'm sure you know that term. Yes. Leaked. Apparently, the Album was sold in advance in the UK, specifically at HMV. 

First of all, I'm set to buy this album. Leak or not. I'm here to help Mother Monster's sales on her CD to beat a certain adversary in an obvious alias as B.S. and her album, F.F. even though I Bought that CD too. Apparently, there has been a constant Fan-War with B.S. Fans and the Notorious Little Monsters. I'm on the little monsters' side from the beginning to end. I'm not hating. I'm a little monster.

OKAY. Well, this album is set to officially drop on May.23.11. So Expect TWO! Album tours of this amazing masterpiece because I'm buying both versions. =)

ON WITH THE ALBUM REVIEW! + there's a small twist, as a tribute to Mother Monster.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Review: Lady Gaga - Hair - The Song

ONE WEEK UNTIL BORN THIS WAY DROPS!!! I feel as if it's just a month after the VMA's. lol.

Who else is counting down? I can't wait!!! Remember when we received the announcement last New Years Eve that Born This Way Will be Released on 5.23.11. ?   It's almost FUCKING HERE!!!!

This week will be fully jam-packed with Gaga Promotion, not to mention the Fuse Goes Gaga, and... Farmville! Yes. The Songs will be streamed via Farmville to countdown to the album.  

I, personally am buying both versions of the Album (Standard and Expanded). Make sure you don't pirate/illegally download this album to help the Sales of the Album. I want this to Debut at Billboard's Hot 100 Chart at #1. 

Listen to the Song + My Review After The Jump.

Friday, May 13, 2011

I'm On The Edge with YOU!!!

Well, Nothing, really. I just have to say that THE EDGE OF GLORY is still on constant repeat on my iPod. Buy it on iTunes to support Mommy Monster! =)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Review: Rihanna - California King Bed - The Video

Yes, RiRi has a new video after her provocatively controversial video, S&M.

This is a more ballad-ish song from Rihanna, and I think it's a totally new Territory for Her because most of her singles are thumpy-pop tracks which are great, but this, this is just soulfully beautiful!

Yes, I love it to the bottom of my little heart.

If you haven't seen my album tours of Rihanna's Loud and Rated R, be sure to check them out! =)

Just a prep-up with the video. This is another ONLY GIRL (IN THE WORLD) - ish type of video because she's alone again. But, she's with a man. 

Watch the Video and see my Review after the jump! =)

Monday, May 9, 2011

Review: Lady Gaga - The Edge Of Glory - The Song

The Edge of Glory: A Love Letter to Death and Grandpa Gaga R.I.P.

It's finally here! The countdown for Born This Way has Officially Started!!!!

This is a follow up single to her previous song, Judas. It was produced by Fernando Garibay and DJ White Shadow. This was written by Gaga along with her dad, at their piano after her Grandpa's funeral.

Hear the song and See my review after the Jump!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

News: Lady Gaga - New Song to Premiere Tomorrow

Yes, Edge of Glory is coming tomorrow to start the countdown to the Born This Way album on May 23!

The song is for her Grandfather, who sadly passed away months ago. =( She wrote this song with her dad on their piano after the funeral.

It will premiere tomorrow (May 9) at 1PM PDT! 

Put your paws up because Born This Way is almost in our paws! Only Less than 3 Weeks Left!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Review: Taylor Swift - Mean - The Video

Yes, It's my 1st Ever Taylor Swift post here on UnboxTheProduct. 1 Thing I have to say beforehand. 
Yes, I do. I absolutely positively do. But, she's like the top 2. Top 1 is Gaga, In case you didn't know. 

Yes, The Video for "MEAN" has finally dropped and I.Loved.It. Taylor took on the role to be the anti-bully herself!!! After Katy, then Gaga, Then Selena, then Jessie J, and now, Taylor Swift!!!!  This is one of the most empowering videos I have ever watched. It surpassed my amazement from Selena's "Who Says" which talks about natural beauty, but this is Just Taking bullies D-O-W-N!! The Lyrics are so damn true!

Watch the Amazing Video and my Review after the Jump! =)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Review: Nicki Minaj - Super Bass - The Video

After Being delayed, It's finally here!!! SUPER BASS by Nicki Minajesty herself!

Bad timing though, the Queen, Gaga, Just released her Judas video. Tough Luck, I still love this though!

Well, No jump for this post because the video doesn't have much of a storyline because It's all performance and... dance! <3


This video is H-O-T! She is not like other rappers but she actually puts thought on her video. Not like her infamous adversary, Lil' Kim. 

Review: Lady Gaga - Judas - The Video

Judas! Juda-Ah-Ah! Judas! Juda-ah-ah! Judas! Juda-ah-ah! Judas! GaGa!

Oh Yes, You read it right, the Judas video has finally dropped and It-Is-Fucking-Amazing. 'Nuff Said. 

I was counting down to this since last week and I couldn't believe it's here!!! Apparently, this was also released hours early because of leaks spreading, Like the song. So I was at school when this premiered, basically I was an hour late to the premiere, sucks, right? 

Judas Is here. Judas. I'm so excited to share my review+interpretation to this!!! I will try to avoid play-by-play synopses of my music video reviews from now on, I promise. 

Watch The FUCKING AMAZING Short Film after the jump!!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

News: Lady Gaga - Judas Music Video Premiere Date

It's almost here!!! 

Lady Gaga’s highly-anticipated music video for “Judas” will premiere uncut on E! News this Thursday, May 5th at 7 and 11:30 p.m. The short film was directed by Lady Gaga herself in collaboration with friend and choreographer Laurieann Gibson and features Gaga playing Mary Magdalene and actor Norman Reedus in the role of Judas.


Here's a Still: 
Click To Enlarge

News: Lady Gaga - Born This Way Track listings Revealed

Yes, Yes, Yes!!! The Track listings for Lady Gaga's Much anticipated sophomore album, Born This Way has been revealed! Rejoice, Little Monsters!!!

Sorry for the hiatus-ish no posts thing. I'm sorry, so I'll post a track by track review later on of Lenka's album, TWO. 

The Highly anticipated album is set to drop on May 23, 2011. I, personally am going to buy both editions. PAWS UP! I cannot wait!!!!

Don't wait! See the track listings after the jump!